Itheum xPand Program

MultiversX Hackathon

(AI bounty track)

Empower creators and designers, representing their creations in 3D digital assets and protecting their intellectual property.

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Decentralized storage of 3D digital assets and encapsulating private design skills using DataNFTs

Monetize creation

Transparent monetization on the blockchain, users use or resell the DataNFT

Secure storage

Storage is the creator’s property and the creator can upgrade design content at any time

Benefit from AI tooling

Creators benefit from the AI Locki companion to help you create

Protect Intellectual property

Creators’ assets are tokenized, creators control their distribution/monetization and thrive from their royalties

Grow your Community

Creators teach a community of users, distributing tokenized skills and sharing private documentation/videos

Share within an Industry

Create a 3D design automation within your assets to share with your collaborator and industrial partners


International magic team with strong individual skills

Jean-Noël Schilling

Co-founder leveraging his expertise to foster innovation

Satish NVRN

Co-founder and master of all things digital!

Călin Pîrîială

Calin, aka thePixelspell, turning pixels into pure magic with motion design that'll make your eyes do the salsa!

Max Schleiffer

Our Digital Marketer is a startup enthusiast, juggling 40 projects like a caffeinated octopus!